Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bontá mean?
Bontá is Italian for “goodness.”
When did Bontá launch?
We launched in the fall of 2017! The lab worked hard for over a year creating our delicious Bontá flavors and nutrient packed formulas and we’re excited to finally show it off!
Will you be adding more flavors?
For now, we only have four flavors, which correspond to specific formulas, but we are constantly brainstorming new ideas and the next big Bontá thing.
Is this product all natural?
Yes, Bontá is all natural, with no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.
Is Bontá organic?
While most of our ingredients are organic, we are not 100% organic. However, all of our ingredients are all natural and 100% plant based.
You claim to be GMO-free but I don’t see the certification on the bottle. Are you really GMO-free?
Yes, we are! The certification process that gives us the permission to use the GMO-free symbol can take up to 6 months. We are in the process of receiving our certification so, for now, you won’t see the symbol on the bottle. As soon as we are officially certified, it will be there.
Do you use sugar or sweeteners?
French Blueberry Immunity, Vitality Turkish Cherry, ​Sicilian Blood Orange Restore, and capri lemon ginger all contain no added sugar, only the natural sugars from the juices.
Is Bontá safe for a vegan/vegetarian diet?
Yes, all of our products are vegan.
How about Kosher?
Yes, we’re certified Kosher under the Orthodox Union.
Does Bontá need to be refrigerated?
Bontá does not need to be refrigerated prior to opening. We have a shelf life of over a year. We suggest refrigeration before drinking to ensure best taste; Bontá is best served chilled. Once bottle is opened, keep refrigerated. Shake well before use. Some natural settling is perfectly normal and expected.
Where do your ingredients come from?
80% of the ingredients found in Bontá products are sourced directly from the Mediterranean. 20% are sourced elsewhere, as in the turmeric, from India and South Asia.
Where is Bontá made?
Bontá is proudly produced in the USA.
Does Bontá contain caffeine?
Bontá contains zero caffeine.
Is Bontá safe for children?
Yes, it is absolutely safe and healthy for children.
Where can I purchase Bontá?
Bontá is available in stores nationwide and online at